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roksan portrait
Born, grew up and studied painting in Istanbul Turkey, I currently live and work in Galiano Island, BC. My work has been exhibited in several galleries and art shows in both Vancouver and Istanbul.

Along my path, I learn about life mostly through drawing and painting. However while working I do not think. I stare into the blank surface until I see lines and points then I draw them as they appear on paper or canvas. I feel I fluently transfer the imagery revealed by personal and collective subconscious which I like to share with all.

Select Exhibitions

2011: Psycedelica moderna- Hall Gallery VANCOUVER
2011: Street dance -Cityscape Community art space NORTH VANCOUVER
2010: Eastside Culture Crawl - Octopus Studios VANCOUVER
2010: “Art in the City” Westend Community Centre VANCOUVER
2010: “Spring” Group show ISTANBUL
2009: “Illus 1” Lumen Gallery VANCOUVER
2009: “Where we start from” On The Rise Artist Collective Gallery VANCOUVER
2009: “BC Art Show” Heritage Hall VANCOUVER
2007: 10th International Biennial Performance, Ha Za Vu Zu Project ISTANBUL
2007: Tesvikiye Art Gallery “Young Portraits” ISTANBUL
2005: Tesvikiye Art Gallery “Young Portraits” ISTANBUL
2005: Union Français – Cihangir “Solidarity with Children” ISTANBUL
2003: Cey Fine Arts ISTANBUL
2002: Yunus Emre Culture Center ISTANBUL
2002: Gallery X “October Passage - Mild Attack” ISTANBUL

Solo Exhibitions

2013: "Search for A Better World" Insight Art Gallery GALIANO ISLAND
2012: "New Spirits" Marina Art gallery BODRUM
2012: "Homo Urbanus by Roksan Kohen" Raw Canvas VANCOUVER
2011: "Larissa and Roksan" North vancouver City Hall VANCOUVER